Sober Riders

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The Sober Riders is a fellowship of Men and Women who live by the principles of the 12 step program of recovery, and promote, through attraction, the creation and preservation of a brotherhood for motorcyclists in a sober, drug free and safe environment.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I’m excited to bring this new website to your attention. The website committee has taken it’s first steps to understand our website’s issues and form a plan to bring it to a next level for the clubs purposes.

    The Sober Riders have principally embraced the role that technology has and can play in the success of the organization’s efforts. We fund raise during the year to raise money for various purposes. Our most cherished purpose is to support young children who, through no fault of their own, will otherwise have no Christmas holiday celebration. For many of us, in the Sober Riders, we know personally how this feels.

    Christmas is a time for sharing and a time for family gatherings to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In the same way that Jesus gave selflessly of himself for all of us, we endeavor to give to others at this time of year.

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